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Welcome to Popsicaholic, a blog about one of my favorite pastimes, eating popsicles.

Some madmen only venture into the exhilarating world of popsicles on hot summery days. I on the other hand, like most connoisseurs, enjoy them all year round. Ever since I was a kid I have been devoutly eating popsicles all week, every week, courageously defying sugar dips and diabetes.

With this blog I intend to share the joy of eating popsicles with a larger audience. I will be featuring interesting popsicle facts as well as writing reviews about the different kinds of popsicles that I encounter.

Since their invention in 1905, popsicles have come a long way. The 11 year old Californian kid, Frank Epperson, wasn’t intent on creating awesomeness when he was mixing soda powder in water. When he left it overnight however, the night’s freezing temperatures had transformed it into a prototype of the icy treat we know today as popsicle. So like all of the best things in the world, including beer, penicillin, microwave ovens, LSD and the slinky, the popsicle is a product of serendipity.

The slinky

The famous slinky

Nowadays you can find popsicles in all shapes and sizes and they will sell them anywhere. Popsicles have become so popular that they have been featured in Katy Perry’s hit song “California gurls”. In Guy Ritchie’s 1998 film “Lock stock and two smoking barrels”, the character Rory Breaker teaches us that guys who eat popsicles are not to be messed with.


Rory Breaker eating a popsicle

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog


A popsicaholic